Poems about cat


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A cat and his cub

This, a story
Of love and endurance
A survival match
Among the wilderness
From a house displaced
Lived a cat
Out of place,
In this cruel world.
He changed his hues
Trying to fit in
This troubled cat,
Only to seek a soul
Much like its own.
He loitered about
Day and night long
Picked prey by hounds
Clean, from all use,
By these bunch of hyenas
That saw the cat
As everything
But their own.
Trying to escape
With each tick of the clock
From an inescapable fate
Which led him
To his cub.
As their eyes met,
Their souls intertwined,
He had found his world
Alas, one he could
Never call "mine"
With the days
Of their lives
Brimming with joy
The cat found himself,
Rediscovered, stupefied.
He decided
That a life
Without her, a lioness,
Would amount to nothing,
A life given meaning
Simply with every
Breath she took.
Alas, she breathed
For her lions instead,
Where she was one
Among the royals,
As entitled.
The cat, heartbroken,
Lost himself once again
The way he claimed back
From the void
He lost, once and for all.
As his cub
Grew with grace,
Into a fearless hunter
It finally reached him
They they might
Never live together.
Yet their small lives
Are still bound
By little promises made
He is,
In her broken mirror's world,
A black cat.

Author: Kairosclere
Date: 12/06/2020

№ 1411795


Curiosity killed the cat
And it was the ninth life, at that.

Author: Ashley Somebody
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1402278


Perspective is strange,
It encompasses
Many a range,
Like when I see Poppet the puss
My joy soars with bliss,
Sweet tabby cats don't come much better than this;
I want to hear you purr,
You ace stripy rocket,
I love you lots, Poppet.
But then, to mice it's,
Is that terror getting near
Should we plan a run,
Torturing us to death
Is her idea of fun,
She'll wreak with clawing havoc
& deadly feline mirth,
She'll eat us as she's smiling
& extinguish us from earth;
You're toxic, Poppet.
The juxtapose of difference
Stampeding in the air,
To one she rests in bed,
To others coiled in lair.

Author: Simon Soane
Date: 28/03/2020

№ 1396543

Ustyrlig mis

Ustyrlig mis
Nej, du miҐ ikke tis
På vores åh så værdifulde krybe

Tolk nu mis-
Tolk din historie,
Som du nu har fyldt med tis.

Г…h mis
SГҐ forunderlig,
SГҐ nysgerrig du er.
Men kan du ikke se,
At dine unger tisser pГҐ din krybe.

Tænk nu mis,
At din krybe er sat til sænk,
Vis du ikke beslutter dig for at tænk'

For hunden vil snart gГё
Og sГҐ miҐ du dГё.

Author: Kristian ulrik Hungeberg
Date: 23/03/2020

№ 1395764

Cardboard Cat

Once I saw
A cat laying in a cardboard box.
She was young and motionless,
A pool of red beneath her fur.
Soggy box, red Jordans,
A hardened body trying to cry.
She was cold and soft.
So soft.

No one looked
At the cat laying in a cardboard box
As we moved down the sidewalk
On that hot summer morning.
I kept my hand on her body,
On her youthful fur.
We're almost there
I'd whisper
I'd whisper

I cried that day
For the cat laying in a cardboard box
Who I never knew or named,
But I loved her
On that summer morning.

Author: Molly Greenhood
Date: 23/03/2020

№ 1387924


Last night
I dreamt of
Picasso's cat
Slipping through
Streets like an evil
Spirit with rumpled fur

Author: Phoebe Seraphine
Date: 17/03/2020

№ 1382877


Sound pierces silence in the dead of night.
She awakens to prowl the path of destruction.
Screaming fills the air as the hearts of man sink into despair.
Feeding quietly on their souls the beast stares off - oblivion soon to follow
No one knows what's ahead - cowering in darkness they know death will soon fill their nostrils.
A stampede through their home causes shrieking and pandemonium.
There is no happy ending but hope lies in the unknown of extinction.
An unconditioned stimulus controls the innate reward pathway of her sick mind!
I'll never forget - though she will, truth lies in the size of the response which slowly fades into the dark.

Author: JRL
Date: 13/03/2020

№ 1376882

Love Signs

He loved her,
He loved her so.

I can tell by the way he walked,
The way he talked,
The way he said her name.
And how I wish, things could just stay the same.

Each night he would tell me,
How he hoped his mother would just see.
He longed for her at night,
Hoping she might.

I prayed for their sake,
The bright future, no one could take.
And as each day passes on by,
They would talk about the future, making up lies.

I never want to see the day,
When miles apart, they lay.
I hope their passion of which I admire,
Would burn through the enemies desire.

But what would I know,
About love signs?
I am just a feline.
They call me,
But I really do see.

Author: Jade Melrose
Date: 08/03/2020